We Are Here to Stay Forever in Judea and Samaria

We Are Here to Stay Forever in Judea and Samaria

We Are Here to Stay and You Will join Us

Empty Land in Samaria. Enough space for some new communities

Empty Land in Samaria. Enough space for some new communities

I am a proud Jew and a proud “settler” and we are here to stay in the Land of Israel forever. For me there is no alternative to living in the Land that God gave to the Jewish nation. All Jews that are living in Israel are settlers, because according to UN resolution 181 from 1947 the Jewish state should be built from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River and we had the right to settle all parts of it. So there is no legal difference between living in Tel Aviv, Ra’anana, Hertzliya and living in Hevron, Maon, Itamar, Yitzhar and all other community settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan valley. I would be surprised if many of those living in Tel Aviv, Modi’in, Haifa and other cities feel like settlers in the same way as we in Judea and Samaria do.

Sacrifice Your Own Comfort to Protect the Jewish Nation

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Instead of blaming us for the tension between the Jews and the Palestinians you should thank us for living where we are. Because we are here forever and are not scared of rocks. We are protecting you from a lot of evil. I am not only talking about regular terror attacks that we know that the Palestinians and also Israeli Arabs carry out not only in Judea and Samaria but also in the more central parts in Israel. But we also know that the Arabs are not mainly carrying out these attacks because of us, the live targets in Judea and Samaria. They are carrying them out because they hate the fact that Jews are living in Israel. But can you imagine what would happen if we, the Jews that take on our shoulders to protect the rest of Israel, would not live where we live? The comfort in Tel Aviv, Modi’in, Kfar Saba, Hertzliyah etc would be changed into hell and the people living there would probably spend a lot of their time in bomb shelters. And we are here to stay because we want all of us to feel safe in the land of Israel and live a comfortable life.

Come and Join Us

the outside of our Shul (Beit HaKnesset) in Maon

the outside of our Shul (Beit HaKnesset) in Maon

Unfortunately, many Israelis – both religious and non-religious – have not seen what Judea and Samaria have to offer. Why don’t you come for a Shabbos and see for yourself what a wonderful life stile many of the communities offer. Maybe you want to join us and be one more to defend the Holy Land from its enemies. But except from the important mitzvah of defending the Land of Israel, we also enjoy real life quality. Most community settlements have nice playgrounds for children, nice picnic areas, a lot of affordable activities and you don’t have to follow your children to their friends, since it is safe for children to walk around be themselves.

Good Housing Opportunities and Relaxing Life Style

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Why live in a small apartment many times without a porch when you can life in a single family house with a nice garden? Most community settlements offer single family homes with a nice garden to rent for the same price as a two room apartment to rent in Tel Aviv, Modi’in or Rana’ana. Since living costs are much more modest in community settlements a lot of people can also manage well on average incomes. Can you imagine the feeling of not having to worry every month how to cover your bills while working double jobs and also sacrificing family life? In most communities the life style is much more relaxed than when you are living in a city and families don’t have to exceed each other in materialism. No one cares what car you are driving or what brands you dress your children in.We are here and you can be a part of it as well.

Contact Me

2013-09-10-15.32.53-920x360If you have any questions or want to come for a shabbos to our beautiful community Maon in Har Hevron or if you have other questions, please send me a message to eli@livinginisrael.info.

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