It Is Time to Move Home to Israel

It Is Time to Move Home to Israel

Jews – It Is Time to Move Home

Dear Jewish brothers and sisters wherever you live,

It is time to move home to Israel once and for all. What are you waiting for? It is obvious that you do not have a future in Europe and soon the same will happen in the US as well. What are you waiting for? To use the excuse that you are Swedish or French or any other nationality and that it is your country does not work. Once and for all, you are a Jew and the only land you have legal right to is Israel. Israel is ours and the rest of the world belongs to the others.


To live in Galut is

a divine punishment and not a pleasure. For example by paying taxes in Sweden you support Muslim terrorism and Palestinians in their effort to destroy and erase the Jewish state from the map. It is enough to look – open your eyes and look around. Do not be naïve. The Swedish king walking around with a big smile wearing a Palestinian scarf or the Swedish politician Hillevi Larsson, who proudly denies Israel’s right to exist. We also need to remember the “Swedish” politician and radical Islamist, namely Mehmet Kaplan that came to Sweden as a refugee from Turkey and since he did not get a residence permit, he first stayed in Sweden as an illegal refugee. The above-mentioned people do actually not only support Muslims, but also deny Israel’s right to exist and in Sweden they do not interfere with the Muslims’ hatred and violence against the Jews. So what is your life worth in Sweden? You may have a nicer house there, a better salary and the materialistic level may be greater. But with fear of yours and your children’s lives on a day-to-day basis, what are you still doing there? It is not yet as bad as South Africa for the whites living there, but the reality will soon catch up with you. And the rest of you, living in France, England, Belgium, Italy, Holland etc. etc. the same is waiting for you. Many French Jews, thank G-d, have realized the death treating situation and move to Israel in nice numbers. Last year about 6000 made Aliya out of 600 000, 1 % of the Jewish population. Do you really believe that the terror attack in Toulouse in 2012 and the attack now in January in Paris is the end of Muslim terror? It is not. Muslim extremists, as we have learned from history, have no mercy. They kill each other and they kill others without mercy. Don’t you want your kids to feel good about being Jewish, being able to walk around with a kippa on the street, attend Jewish schools and activites and not the least go the Synagogue without fear?

Dear Jews – it is time to move home soon, before it is too late. Before you realize it Europe will be the new Middle East and Islam will be the major religion and then it is probably too late. Just like the Jews in Europe thought 70 years ago. It happened and it will happen again. The only difference is who the murder machine will be.

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