Summer vacation

Time to plan summer vacation

Tonight my wife Leah and I started to talk about where we want to spend some
well-deserved days of vacation during the summer outside Maon. Like most people living in Israel we like going up North to explore the beautiful landscape. To go down
South towards Eilat is out of questions in the summer, since then you can’t
leave your air conditioned room before late afternoon if you don’t want to
walk around in at least 40 degrees Celsius, which I am not up to. So it
looks like we will travel up North and hopefully find a good hotel in
Tiberias that can satisfy our needs as a family with two young children.

We don’t plan to stay at the hotel all day long, but for the sake of the
children we only consider a hotel with some kind of a pool or other playing
areas for them. We would also like to look into some water activities we can
do, such as a boat trip on the Kinneret with fishing opportunities etc. We
will not only be in Tiberias, but also travel around a bit to see holy
places such as Tzfat (Safed) and Meron.

Obraz 339

So hopefully soon we will have a more complete picture of our vacation and
what we will do and where we will stay. If you have any suggestions, whether
you are living in Israel or not, please let us know by writing a comment on
the blog post. Stay tuned and I will provide you with all the details of our



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  1. Hi Eli, It sounds like you are making a good plan with consideration of young children. Please tell me-where is this place-the top posted pic with the water? Thanks

  2. Eli says:

    The picture is a free picture from wikimedia. You can find a lot of nice pictures for free.

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