Raise the Flag

Rabbi Ari Shvat’s new book “Raise the Flag”, on the Israeli flag, the importanc of speaking Hebrew and understanding Zionism in the period of Universalism.

Ari Shvat is one of the most well-known and respected Rabbis of the Zionist camp of today, both in Israel and abroad and I am proud to present his new book in Hebrewלהרים את הדגל   or in English “Raise the Flag”. The book Raise the flag focuses on two of the main visible signs of Zionism, the Israeli flag and the Hebrew language. The goal of this scholarly book is to:

  • Verify the historic and rabbinic sources of the Israeli flag throughout history, and clarify if the flag has value and a place in Judaism, even in the period of universalism.
  • Clarify what value there is to use Hebrew in daily speach
  • Clarify if the Hebrew of today is indeed “The Holy Language”
    • Clarify the role of Zionism and Jewish nationalism in a world where universalism, globalism and humanism seem to contradict and weaken patriotism.
    • Clarify the question of the dual-identity and dual-loyalty facing Jews in America and throughout the world.* Clarify the importance of learning Torah in Hebrew and not in English, especially in the “Artscroll Generation” where the centrality of the Hebrew language is being debated in orthodox circles.
The Book Raise the Flag" by Rabbi Ari Shvat

The Book “Raise the Flag” by Rabbi Ari Shvat

The thesis of the book is that there is no Judaism without Zionism, and no Zionism without Judaism.

For more information about the book Raise the Flag in Hebrew, click here.

Israel national news did an interview with Ari Shvat about the book. The interview can be found here (Hebrew).

For more information about the book and to purchase it, please contact Rabbi Shvat at arishvat@gmail.com

A short biography of Rabbi Ari Shvat: Ari Shvat served for many years as Rosh Midrasha and director of overseas and Israeli programs at the Michlelet Orot Israel College in Elkana and at Midreshet HaRova in Jerusalem. Rav Ari is a popular international lecturer, and has published more than 60 halachic and ideological articles in leading journals such as Tchumin, HaMa’ayan, Sinai, Shma’atim, and Tzohar, often dealing with Tanach, religious –Zionism and the writings of Rav Kook (including many new previously unpublished manuscripts). He holds a B.A. in Tanach and an M.A. in Jewish History and Talmud. He is currently a senior lecturer at Michlelet Orot Israel Academic Teachers College, Midreshet HaRova, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Moriah, and the Israeli Army Air Force, and director of Rav Kook’s archives in Beit HaRav. He also replies to halachic questions in English on the Yeshivat Beit El website, where his English lectures can be found.

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