Margot Wallström statement reminds me of the Nazis in the 1930’s.

Margot Wallström statement reminds me of the Nazis in the 1930’s.

Margot Wallström – ”It Is Because of Israel”

Dear readers, many of you have contacted me and asked for my reflection of Margot Wallström the Swedish Foreign Minister’s statement that it was actually Israel’s fault that ISIS carried out their acts of terror in Paris last Friday. For the past couple of days, I have reflected about if I can give you some kind of an explanation of Wallström’s comment. Please forgive me if I sound radical in my reflection. First of all, we need to understand what kind of a government Sweden has.

The Swedish Government

As many of you my dear readers probably already know from the past, Sweden is one of the biggest haters of Israel with a government built of the Social Democrats and the Environment Party. This is a very left wing government period. The Swedish government was the first one in the western world to declare a Palestinian state and the Swedish Social democrat, Hillevi Larsson

No more Israel according to Hillevi Larsson

No more Israel according to Hillevi Larsson

is proudly holding a Palestinian map that includes all of the state of Israel with a lot of pride. Without having to say any words she declares that The State of Israel no longer exists in her world view. We also have to remember Mehmet Kaplan. As you can probably hear, he is not very Swedish. He came to Sweden as a refugee from Turkey and since he did not get a residence permit, he first stayed in Sweden as an illegal refugee. This rising star in the Swedish government was also part of the first Flotilla Ship of Gaza in May 2010. He has invited many high profile anti-Semites to speak in different Muslim forums and he gives Islamists legitimacy to do what they are doing, since Europe does not want to integrate them. In this forum Margot Wallström was honored to become the Foreign Minister. She has a long history of not only being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish but also very pro Muslim and pro-Palestinian.

No Historical Knowledge

For many hours I have tried to find Wallström’s CV and to see what kind of academic background she has and from there try to understand her viewpoint that Israel was the cause of the terror attack in Paris, because no sane person would make such a radical statement. But to my surprise she has no academic background at all and as far as I have seen she has never studied anything that has to do with Middle Eastern history or politics. She barely finished high school before entering politics and from there on she has been a raising political star. Isn’t that very scary?

The TV Interview

After been watching the Swedish TV interview with her (in Swedish) more than once, I don’t understand why she mentioned Israel and the conflict with the Palestinians at all. The interviewer never once hinted anything about Israel but that was her answer anyway. In her eyes everything is because of Israel. The sad thing is when people later try to find excuses and explain her statements. It is not very easy when all this what said live on Swedish TV. And even more sadly, it wasn’t Margot Wallström herself that had to try to build up a lie for her behavior – it was her press secretary. But during the interview, if Margot Wallström
you look very closely you’ll get the answer to her hatred towards Israel and the Jews. Around her neck (remember she is not a Muslim) she has a neckless with the Muslim half moon and the star. This my friends already shows her bias against Israel and the Jewish nation.

This is from a Facebook update of a Jewish woman in Sweden that I know that met Margot Wallström after the interview and tried to get an explanation from her.

“The Jews campaigning against me”.

It was the response Margot Wallström gave me when I accidentally ran into her the day after the attacks in Paris, after I told her that many of my Jewish friends took offense at what she said to Claes Elfsberg earlier in the morning

Once again, a representative of the Swedish government shows that she is against Israel and the Jews, even in a situation when it has nothing to do with us at all. This reminds me of the Nazis in the 1930’s.

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