It Happens in Israel as Well

It Happens in Israel as Well

Terror – It Happens in Israel as Well

Jewish Terror Victim in Gush Etzion

Jewish Terror Victim in Gush Etzion


Thank God for being back in Israel again after a short and hectic family visit outside of Israel. For a little bit more then a week I visited my family back in Sweden together with my own family. During the course of our stay we met people and the main question that everyone asked was “aren’t you scared of living in Israel?” My standard answer is “why should I be scared?” This is my land and if I run away with my tail in between my legs, not only did I let the Arabs win, but it would have been a huge disgrace of God’s name. He gave the Jewish Nation – His chosen nation the land of Israel to live in for all generations and I am a part of this chosen nation. Fine, it happens in Israel as well as in other Western countries that our enemies show their true face, but people are not running away from their native countries because of terror attacks. Sure, I wasn’t born in Israel, I was born in Sweden but Israel is the native country for each and every Jew. The French people didn’t mass migrate after the last ISIS terror attacks in Paris. The few people that decided to maybe leave was a per mille of the French Jewish population. I asked a Jew living in France why this is the case and the tragic answer and excuse is “It happens in Israel as well”.



We Neutralize Them

Until this last wave of terror, the Israeli policy against terrorists has been to warn and not to shoot, or at least not to kill. Now Israel shoots them and kills them, even before the terrorists are able to accomplish their mission to kill Jews. For sure the world condemns the Israeli actions, but if we don’t kill them this time they will carry out terror attacks until they die. Hopefully with the new policy of neutralizing terrorists and not providing them with a five-star hotel experience during their prison-term we may be able to lessen the number of future terrorists as well.

Who Will Protect You?

“It happens in Israel as well” is a statement that we hear all the time, but Israel is the only country in the world that really cares about Jews and not only the Jews living in Israel. Very few Western countries have ever condemned terror against Israeli or Jewish targets. We always have to protect ourselves no matter where we are.

But as I have mentioned before, we are all in God’s Hands and His protecting Hands are only guaranteed in Israel as it is written in the Torah: a land for which the LORD your God cares; the eyes of the LORD your God are always on it, from the beginning to the end of the year.

So even though it is “also happening in Israel” God’s great blessing is always with us in Israel.


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