Isru chag Shavuot in the cow shed

Isru chag in Maon

Today on Isru chag Shavuot the Moshav Shitufi in Maon invited all members of both the community and the shituf to take part in a big and very well organized event in the cowshed that is co-owned by Maon and Carmel (our neighboring community). The event lasted for more than three hours and it was aimed for all age groups and that was long time for someone living in Israel. About 30 families attended the event, which is a lot considering that there are only 70 families here in Maon in total. Remember that 30 families easily adds up to more than 150 people, since the average family probably has at least 3 children. It started with the children playing in the hay and afterwards they had a tour around the cowshed and were able to see calves and when the cows got milked. After this fantastic tour of the cows, there was chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, salads, crackers and different kinds of cheese to eat. After eating and drinking the children had time to do arts and crafts, jump around even more in the hay, make pita bread made according to the Yemenite tradition, make jam from cherries from the moshav, prepare cottage cheese, learn about wheat etc. In the end the Rabbi of Maon talked and all the children got ice pops.
Thanks for a great event, Moshav Maon!!


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  1. Roza Esther says:

    It really was a nice day. We were happy to be able to join in on the fun!

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