International boycotts of Judea and Samaria actually harm the Palestinians

Boycott of Judea and Samaria products harm the Palestinians

Dear Readers,

Yesterday’s blog post spoke about racism against Jews living in the Holy Land. Today’s blog post will speak about something very different, but in my opinion also very absurd. The subject is to boycott or to label products produced in what the world likes to call “the occupied territories” or the West Bank, but most people living in Israel call Judea and Samaria. Mostly every day you can hear politicians or academics in Europe screaming or crying out for boycotting Israeli products produced in the territories. But they never thought of what would happen to the employees if the business would start to lose money and have to close or move to what they call “inside the Green line”.

First of all, let us understand who the main employees in Israeli factories or other companies located in Judea and Samaria actually are? It is true that the management is usually Jewish, but the people working on the floor are mainly Palestinians. So by boycotting Israeli companies with factories in Judea and Samaria, you will actually cause more harm to Palestinians. In a lot of cases if they don’t have work for their Jewish bosses, they would be unemployed, which means no income for their (Palestinian) family. By boycotting these factories you are really not helping the Palestinians, but rather hurting them, more than the Jewish management. A company can always change location, but it is harder for the Palestinian families to move. So please, European politicians, academics and other “smart people” who feel sorry for the Palestinians, start to think about them and let them keep their jobs.

A good example of an Israeli company that has their major factory in the West Bank is Soda Stream. Soda Stream is an international company that produces soda machines and is located about 20 minutes north of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. In year 2011, 500 Palestinians from the West Bank worked at Soda Stream’s plant in Mishor Adumim, in addition to another 400 Arabs from East Jerusalem. At the same time there were 200 Israeli Jews and foreign workers, including refugees from Africa, working at Soda Stream. So with these facts in hands, my dear readers, who would become the real victims if the company felt pressure from the outside world and decided to move the factory from the so called occupied territories?

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