If the world boycotts Israel…

How long time would the world survive without Israel?

Every day we hear people and nations scream “Boycott Israel, Boycott Israeli products etc”, but do they really know how much they would harm themselves by boycotting the only democracy in the Middle East? Do all these people really realize what their lives would look like without Israeli made products or innovations? I believe that they are so ignorant and that their hatred and jealousy towards our holy nation and Land overrule all intellect they may or may not have. I don’t blame them, since people like this throughout history have never helped the Jewish people, no matter what tragedies we have gone through. But one thing is for sure, they would not survive many hours if they would really boycott Israel. I don’t like half-doers. Either you boycott or not, and no excuses why a certain Israeli product is important, so we have to exclude it from the boycott.

(We can also see that a boycott of Israeli products, in favor of the Palestinians, often actually harms the Palestinians more than it helps them, as I wrote in an earlier blog post about Soda Stream.)

If you boycott Israel you can’t read this!

First of all, most people who boycott Israel and Israeli products can’t see this post, since most of Microsoft’s processors where developed in Israel, at least the ones during the past 10 years. I also believe that those people are afraid of computer viruses, as all of us, and since most antivirus development was made in Israel, they have a problem. These ignorant boycotters must also be against anything that has to do with mobile phone technology, since most of it was developed in Israel, and not to forget the camera chip for mobile cameras, too. Throw away your USB memory stick, all Israel haters. Why? Because it was developed by three Israelis. Please don’t ask any questions at answers.com, since it is a Jewish Israeli company. All answers will obviously help Israel and be Zionistic propaganda. I hope you Israel boycotters don’t like the GPS-application Waze, because an Israeli company also developed this (now Google bought the company). So except boycotting the app itself, please also boycott Google that is supporting Israel and Zionism.

And please, dear readers, if you know any Israel boycotter that in any way uses chat applications, please ask them to stop immediately, since also this technology was developed in Israel in 1996. Dear car drivers, I urge you to only drive regular petrol driven cars and not hybrid or electric cars, since Israel has invested many millions into developing these, as well. And please all environment lovers, don’t use electricity that is produced by solar power, since this was also all developed by Israeli companies and many times even installed by Israelis.

And please, all boycotters, when you get sick and the doctor prescribes you some medicine, please make sure that he writes out the prescription by hand and not in the standard computer software, since it was developed in Israel. If needed, make sure to tell the doctors not to use any micro cameras that can film inside your body or any other small space, since they are probably developed in Israel, too. If you happen to have multiple sclerosis, don’t ask your doctor to give you Copaxone, since it was developed and is marked by Teva, an Israeli pharmaceutical company.

If your hatred and need to boycott Israeli products are bigger than the welfare of your babies, please don’t even think about Babysense. Babysense is a device designed to prevent crib death. This company has helped preventing a lot of babies dying, but is Israeli and pays taxes to the Zionist State.

The end

To end all of this, please, all of you who are against Israel and would like to boycott everything that has to do with Israel, don’t even think of getting a heart attack when you understand that most of the things you use in your day-to-day life are either developed by people living in Israel or by Jews. Because if you ask your doctor to use devices that can predict if you are at risk of getting an attack or not, most certainly the device would be an Israeli device, like mostly everything else that keeps you alive!

Have a great day, everyone out there, and think twice before you start boycotting products from Israel!

For more examples, please watch this beautiful Youtube Video


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