Dan Uzan HY”D a True Hero

The Murder of an Innocent Jew in Denmark, Dan Uzan HY”D

Dan Uzan HY"D

Dan Uzan HY”D

It is not often that I get personal when writing my articles on livinginisrael.info, but this time I have no choice. Dan Uzan HY”D, the Jewish hero that was murdered last night in Copenhagen, Denmark by a Muslim of course was a true hero. Thanks to Dan Uzan HY”D 80 people were saved from a guaranteed death by a member of the Islamic belief when he managed to not make it possible for the Arab to enter the Jewish Community Centre in Copenhagen and murder them. In the Community Centre, they celebrated the Bat Mitzvah of one of the members in the Jewish community.

The Synagogue in Copenhagen Denmark

The Synagogue in Copenhagen Denmark

I have known Dan for many years. We attended many Bnei Akiva camps together and he was always a person that was liked by all. A respected Jew that defended Jewish interests until his last day in life. During all his years, he was very devoted to his Jewish community in Copenhagen. Still at the age of 37, he helped to guard the community when needed, to make sure that no enemy would be able to enter the different community institutions. The same was true last night. In bitter cold, he stood outside the building to protect the people inside. Dan, thanks to your self-sacrifice 80 people were saved. May all your good deeds bring comfort to your parents and sister. Dear Dan HY”D, may you rest in peace and let us all remember your greatness and devotion.

PUtting flowers at the scene of the terror attack

Putting flowers at the scene of the terror attack

I would have loved to end everything here, but I feel a big urge to write another few realistic words, that I hope will open the eyes of many Jews across the globe and hopefully some non-Jews as well.

Dear Jews across the globe, you all know that Israel is the one and only place for you. Who needs huge houses and big luxury cars? Does it make you a better person? A house is to live in and a car is to take you from point A to point B. To always strive after more and more and compare yourself to others in childish. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is more important in life: To live freely as a Jew in your own land with a little bit less or to live in luxury but where you have to hide who you are?

Therefore, before it is too late, dear brothers and sisters, take the next flight home to Israel. I would be more than happy to exchange Muslim population in the Holy Land with Jewish population and you should as well. Because anyhow, especially in Sweden the anti-Semitic cancer will grow for each day and the Swedish Government will not give any medicine to stop the growth.


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