Code red sirens even in Har Hevron

Code red sirens even in Har Hevron

Code Red sirens on Shabbos

For us Jews that are living in communities in Judea and Samaria, code red sirens have been something very rare. Before the last attack by the Hamas led Palestinians in Gaza we in Maon had never heard the sirens here. Remember, we are not so far away from Gaza and we are at the edge of Negev, barely 40 km north of Be’er Sheva.

But this past Thursday evening, just after we had put the children to sleep, the sirens sounded in this peaceful part of the country as well. First I didn’t realise what it was, since it was so not realistic, it had never happened before, but fast enough we gathered together the kids and put them in the safety room that we have at home. After 10 minutes in an air tight room it was very nice to get out and get some air again.

ready to  go - here's missiles from Gaza Photo: IDF

ready to go – here’s missiles from Gaza
Photo: IDF

So suddenly the reality had caught up with us. We are “used to” stones and Molotov cocktails, but not code red sirens. The rest of the night was peaceful, just the sound of a lot of air traffic but no more alarms. Not on Friday either and as I wrote yesterday we actually spent some nice hours at a playground at Zim center, about 10 families from Maon. But then suddenly on Shabbos afternoon during a walk in the community we heard the sirens again and very fast we gathered together and ran into the office building to take cover. Thank G-d nothing happened, but it was very scary and it affectedour childrenvery much andevenus. So now I can in some way understand the Jews living close to the Gaza border, their daily fear and I really appreciate what they are doing for the Jewish people and the land by living next to one of the most dangerous places on earth. We are in some ways sitting in similar situations. Thanks to the brave Jews living close to the Gaza border the Palestinian terrorists haven’t had the chance to really infiltrate and cross the border into Israel. The same way the Jews living in Judea and Samaria are in many ways protecting the citizens of Israel that live in more central parts of the country by being a solid stop block that largely makes it almost impossible for Palestinian terrorists to come too close to other parts of Israel.

May G-d protect all Jews in Israel.

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