Cafe RonEl in ancient Sussia

Delicious Food at Cafe RonEl

For some time I have heard a lot of good things about a new cafe called Cafe RonEl in ancient Sussia, but I have never had the time to go there myself to check out the place. However, this past Friday morning my wife Leah and I decided to bring our work with us out from the office, so we headed to Cafe RonEl to check out their famous Friday breakfast. I have to tell you that I was very impressed of the place and nonetheless of the owner herself that served us our food. Since we had brought with us our computers to be able to work as well, they put up a table separately for us to work on and one table to serve the food. The place was nearly full, but still they managed to meet our needs in a very professional way. This is what I call service.

However, back to the important part, the food! We started of our breakfast with delicious freshly squeezed orange juice (not the one you buy in a store) and a big portion of fresh fruit with yoghurt followed by freshly baked bread with different gourmet spreads. This followed by a delicious omelet full of fresh vegetables, olives and a lot of cheese. Just the way I like it and asked for, since I didn’t want the regular shakshouka. This was served together with freshly cut vegetables in a salad. The chocolate cake that we had afterwards was just perfect and together with an ice-espresso, I was fit for another few hours of intensive work. I cannot wait to head to Café RonEl again and have some of her other gourmet courses. Thank you RonEl for a great food experience.

Here are some pictures of the food at Café RonEl:

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