Best Kosher Meat in Israel

Best Kosher Meat in Israel

To Find Good Quality Kosher Meat in Israel

Why is it so hard to find real quality meat here in Israel? For the past couple of years I have been trying hard to find some real good lamb and veal to put on my lovely BBQ. Usually in Israel the meat is tasteless and imported from many times South America. I got used to fresh healthy meat during my years on shlichut in New Zeeland. There we had fresh lamb, fed on grass and that had nice lives until it was time to slaughter them. They didn’t live in cages, they lived in the nature. And for sure you can taste the difference between industrially produced meat that you buy cheap and real meat that you can actually enjoy.

Delicious Lamb dish. Meat provided by Shochet Yonatan Gabbi

Delicious Lamb dish. Meat provided by Shochet Yonatan Gabbai

Some time ago I sat and spoke with a friend about this lack of fresh meat and he told me that in our neighbouring community they have a shochet that sells fresh meat from animals he picks himself. It didn’t take me 10 minutes to call Rabbi Yonatan Gabbai up, the shochet (and butcher), and asked him what he could offer. Never in my life have I tasted such good meat! Sure you have to pay some extra for quality meat, but I prefer to pay some extra shekels to know what I eat and to be sure that the beef I am preparing for dinner has had a good life before. As you all know, my dear readers, I usually don’t praise people when I am writing, but if you like to have the best kosher meat available in Israel I can only suggest for you to contact Yonatan Gabbai.

Rabbi Shochet Yonatan Gabbi. Best meat in Israel

Rabbi Shochet Yonatan Gabbai. Best meat in Israel


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